1) An orderly student community is to be the hallmark of our school.For this an atmosphere of slience should be maintained by everyone during working hours in class rooms, staff rooms and office.Thus everyone should contribute his/her mite to maintain an excellence of standard in everything.

2) Student may not enter any class room other than his/her own at any point of time. They are expected to take care of their belongings. They may not bring to school, valuable and curious articles, books or magazines etc. not prescribed in the syllabus. They may not wear jewellery. Girls should wear only studs.

3) In the school campus, the students and staff are expected to speak only in english except in language classes. Each one should endeavour to keep high, the refined tone of the school by excelling in good manners and etiquette.

4) The handbook is issued to every student at the beginning of the year, it should be kept neat and tidy all through the year. Students are not allowed to write anything it except as directed by in this various pages loss of the handbook will result in a fine of Rs.200. Once lost, a new one has to be collected from the office after getting the special permission from the Principal, It is an important annual document of the student's career, coduct and students in the school.

5) Pupils should attend the class punctually with their lessons well prepared and home work satisfactory done.

6) Every pupil shall respectfully greet the teachers on his / her first meeting in the school premises.

7) When the teacher enters the classroom the pupils shall rise and remain standing until they asked to sit the teacher takes his/her seat.

8) No pupil shall leave his/her classroom during working hours without permission of teachers.

9) It is personal duty of the students to keep their classroom absolutely clean.

10) No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours including the recess without the permission of the principal.

11) Pupil should be in full uniform on all working days pupils coming to school without full uniform will not be allowed to sit in the class.

12) Pupils are not supposed to loiter on the verandas during class hours. Whenever they have to move to the library laboratory Auditorium etc., they should do so in an ordinary manner not disturbing the neighbouring classes.

13) Students should see that no damages is done to school property they should not write on or disfigure the walls furniture and library books. Any damage caused through in adventure or otherwise should be brought to the notice of the principal. Those who damage will be liable to repair the same at their own expense.

14) Inattentiveness Indifference to study discourtesy towards any member of the stuff or any act which affects the discipline and tone of the school will be seriously viewed and in extreme case they are sufficient reasons for dismissal from authority will full damage to school property malpractice in examination etc are sufficient reason for immediate dismissal.

15) Students taking leave should intimate the same to the principal of the school office at the same day and should submit the leave letter duty signed by the parents when he or she returns.

16) No pupil shall enter the school premises if he or she he is suffering from any contagious disease.

17) Any pupil who is found to have secured admission by means of false certificate of by false representation any kind Shall be summarily dismissed with forfeiture of whatever fee he may have paid.

18) Pupils are to bear in mind instructions given through classes and especially through moral science regularity, implicity obedience cleanliness aap the person or virtues that must be inculcated in children from the very beginning.

19) Students are prohibited from bringing cell phones and two wheelers to the school campus.

20) Objectionable behaviour even outside school will make them liable to disciplinary action.

St.Rosello School Ayalpatty